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Aluminum Die Casting

Thermaltek Manufactures Electric and Gas Fired Furnace Systems for Melting, Holding and Transferring Aluminum in the Die-casting IndustryThermaltek manufactures electric and gas fired high temperature furnace systems for melting, holding and transferring aluminum in the die-casting industry.

Thermaltek also manufacturers electric and gas fired crucible furnaces, holding furnaces, launder systems, heated lids and a full line of replacement parts. We also provide a service for relining and /or upgrading existing furnaces.



10,000 LB Capacity Tin Melting Crucible Furnace
10,000 LB Capacity Tin Melting Crucible Furnace
Electric Crucible Furnace For Melting Brass
Electric Crucible Furnace For Melting Brass

Heating Elements
Heating elements are designed for long life and reliability. Typical life expectancy is between 5 and 10 years. Multiple elements are connected in parallel to insure the minimum percentage of power goes down if an element fails. The open coils are freely radiating which allow the wire to operate at minimum possible temperature for maximum life. In the event of a failure the wire can be easily repaired by welding.

Electric Crucible Furnace

500 lb capacity electric crucible furnace with an integrated control system. Thermaltek crucible furnaces utilize a thermally efficient, high temperature fiber lining to minimize thermal losses through the furnace walls. This allows the furnace to melt at higher capacities, translating into more production for the customer. The floor is insulated with a non-wetting, high quality castable refractory.

Cast Refractroy Heater Panels (Power Panels)
Thermaltek also manufacture cast refractory heater panels (Power Panels) for use in crucible furnaces and offers a reline and upgrade service on existing heating equipment. The flexible terminal leads insure there are never any problems with breakage after prolonged use.

Gas Fired Crucible Furnace
Gas fired crucible furnace with an adjustable burner system to optimize efficiency, 800 lb capacity. System includes a high temperature safety limit circuit and flame safety.
Replacement Electrically Heated Lids for Launder Systems and Holding Furnaces
Thermaltek manufactures electric heating lids for launder systems and holding furnaces. An open coil design provides extremely high power density to maintain metal temperature and offers quick recovery when cold metal is delivered into the furnace via transfer ladle. A pneumatic cylinder can be used for raising and lowering lid during operation to facilitate cleaning.
Holding Furnace with Heated Lid
Thermaltek holding furnace with high powered, high efficiency heated lid capable of fast response in the event of cold metal charges or power outages. Thermally efficient lining consisting of either low mass board or cast refractory lining. 

Crucible-free Dosing Furnace

Aluminum Dosing Furnace. Integrated with the die casting machine , PLC controlled, pressurized with  nitrogen and a heated delivery tube for consistent shot size.  

Electrically Heated ladle Covers

Thermaltek electrically heated Ladle Covers with long life heating elements that can be easily repaired if damaged.

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting

Thermaltek offers launder systems designed to deliver molten aluminum from the melting furnace to the holding furnace based on the customers requirements for volume and location.

Thermaltek offers Launder Systems designed to achieve customer’s specific needs, lined with castable refractory or low mass board and with Thermaltek high efficiency heated lids.

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